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Coworking at Headspace v traditional office space rental
Posted by Alyssa Bridge
Avatar forCoworking at Headspace v traditional office space rental

Coworking is a flexible working concept that has only really been around for the last 10 years. Despite it being around for such a little time, it is estimated that over half a million people across the globe work from a co-working space, so why has it become so popular? We explain why coworking is taking over and how Headspace do it so well.


Co-working and flexibility go together like pie and mash. Having the flexibility to be able to choose a shorter lease than you would a traditional serviced office company is becoming more and more treasured in the startup world. As small businesses are often changing so quickly it is good to be in a workspace that can help you adapt to this like a coworking space can and more traditional spaces can’t. That is why at Headspace we cater from a one band all the way to an office fit for 45 people; in doing this we can grow with you.


Being a startup or small business and being creative go hand in hand which is why our co-working spaces promote and encourage creativity. You have the power to do whatever you like to your office in whichever way you like. Want a bright pink wall covered in cats? Be our guest! We like to think this allows our companies to flourish within our spaces. We also ensure that we have a lot of creative break out spaces for you to work in and get inspired from whenever you wish.


Unlike a traditional serviced office company, a co-working space can provide perks like no other. At Headspace you will always find fully stocked kitchens, retro sweets jars, book swaps and board games as just some of the perks we like to provide. We also have other amenities such as games rooms, nap rooms and zen rooms. We offer local discounts and partnerships that we provide to our members as well as our brilliant perk scheme, Perkbox. We even curate a schedule of business, networking and social events free of charge every month just because we are nice like that. We believe that a co-working space with handy little perks like this encourage our members to work hard and grow.


You certainly won’t see any bog standard white walled and grey carpeted traditional offices in our co-working spaces and other shared office spaces alike. Part of the beauty of coworking is the beauty of the spaces. Fresh modern furniture mixed with quirky graphics, inspiring artwork and contemporary design encourage collaboration and inspire our members. Think light, bright modern spaces with clean lines and bright bursts of colour, our spaces are a world away from regular drab spaces you may be used to.

We care about our clients

The other benefit of choosing a co-working space over a typical office rental is you get the added bonus of the staff who run the building! At Headspace we are all about personal touches which means we are able to create great relationships with all our members. Expect things like prosecco and cupcakes when you move in, a natter over a cup of tea or a beer or two after work. We like to ensure that you are getting the most out of spaces at all times so our superhero staff are always checking that the buildings are always running to the best standard they possibly can be. We think it is important to create these great relationships with our members to promote brilliant coworking within our spaces.

Interested in coworking in our spaces? Email enquiries@headspacegroup.co.uk to find out how!

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